Rules that Only Seasoned Cruisers Know About


With Sea Sickness or Not, Always Bring Travel Tablets

You’ll never know when it will hit you. Even seasoned cruisers experience sea sickness from time to time. So they always make to a point that they have travel tablets in handy. Don’t let seasickness spoil your trip. Travel tablets will lessen the drowsiness and nausea in a short period of time after taking them. There are good brands being sold in code promo old navy. These travel tablets are effective in giving you comfort in the time of need.

Always Pack Lightbackpack

Seasoned cruisers know that bringing too much stuff is a pain. Nothing beats the convenience of packing light. All you really need is two to three sets of outfit and a hat. Bringing heavy suitcase costs money, too. There are some places where they charge for extra baggage, and you will still have to pay ล่าสุด ส่วนลด สำหรับ UBER to take your things to your room. We’ve learned this lesson the hard way. So spare yourself from the pain, and travel light.

Hidden Pockets to Protect Your Important Belongings

You’ll never know when you will have an encounter with a pickpocket. The biggest mistake you’ll make is to put everything in a fancy bag. It’s an instant attraction to pickpockets. The solution, wear clothing that has hidden pockets. It could be a jacket or a blazer with an inside pocket. You’ll be smart how to use agoda discount code where to enter, and pickpockets will fail on their mission to steal. Always remember that our world is a beautiful place, but it’s not perfect. You also have to be vigilant during your travels.

Have a List of People to Call in Case of an Emergency

We’re not trying to be pessimistic here. But emergencies do happen. It’s good to have them on your phone, but what if you lost your phone? Who are you going to call? It’s smarter to keep a list of contact persons on a piece of paper. Tell your loved ones where you are going. It’s also good if you give them updates where you are and tell them you are safe.